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Olympic Games

Ksgac providing the best training in the finest facilities in Karachi. We help athletes prepare for the Olympic games to train over a period of months or years. Many people visit the facilities occaisionally for training, camps, coaching and physical training.

Practice – Training Course

It’s not just that most athletes are born with a certain set physiological gifts, although its a big part of it. It’s also their commitment to their sports and perhaps most important, the way they train.

Athletic Games

We organize special events and games for our athletes for fun and enjoyments as well as competition against one another to raise confidence in each other as true sportsman.

Quote of the day: It's not whether you get knocked down; it's whether you get up" -Vince Lombardi!

About Us

Upon children lies the future development of every nation. For, it is them whose growth contributes the most in the foreseeable future.

where Sikander Bakht, Zaheer Abbas, Muhammed Saqib and Qasim Umer have


SMS Sports Academy believes that children must not be made deprived of sports

training due to affordability concerns. This is why SMS Sports Academy is

currently training a group of children, encouraging them to actively participate in

sports and in exchange seeks nothing but that they step back from unhealthy

activities. This makes SMS Sports Academy fulfill its duty of being socially


SMS Sports Academy is on its road to eradicate children’s engagement inn

unproductive activities by promoting their involvement in sports. SMS Sports

Academy pledges to continue to serve better and better as it has been doing

because for it sky is never the end.

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