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Type of Events


Parties are loved by everybody. But a successful party requires plenty of planning and attention to details. The first three questions in planning a party are: Who are the hosts; who are the guests; and what is the purpose of the party? The answers to these questions can help fine-tune the planning process and assure that everything runs smoothly.

The next factors to plan are date, location and theme. Be sure the date doesn’t conflict with popular local events, and make sure the location is appropriate to the tone of the party. The party theme helps pull it all together into a unified whole.

The party budget is an important consideration. Rental fees for the venue, refreshments, entertainment and décor are all expenses which can vary widely. Your party plan should budget adequate amounts in each category.

You may want to research several different venues. For a large corporate party, you can send out Requests for Proposals asking for bids on hosting the event. Be sure to specify what each bid includes; a bargain price may be leaving out a crucial component.

Refreshments may be suggested by the party theme, and can range from simple refreshments to a cocktail; buffet with trays of appetizers and finger foods; to a full meal.

What entertainment will you provide? You may choose from using live entertainment or a DJ. For either option, most vendors provide their own musical instruments or audio equipment. You will want to review their electrical requirements to make sure needs are adequately met.

No matter what theme you choose for your party, a professional event planner can coordinate all the details to make your party an event to remember.