Upon children lies the future development of every nation. For, it is them whose growth contributes the most in the foreseeable future.

Children are to be nurtured and brought up in a manner that ensures that their physical and mental abilities are enhanced.

Keeping this phenomenon in concern SMS Sports Academy came in to being a year ago.

SMS Sports Academy believes that in order to develop a healthy environment within the society, special consideration is given to sports, for it challenges one’s physical abilities along with enhancing coordination at field and immediate decision-making allowing one to develop sportsman spirit.

In order to ensure that children engage in sports activities so that illnesses are eliminated, and a healthy society comes into existence, SMS Sports Academy has been rendering services.

SMS Sports Academy has trained professionals, who are level one and level two qualified by the Pakistan Cricket Board, PCB. Currently 40 children are being trained by them which denote the children’s engagement in healthy activities rather than unproductive, unfit activities.

Trying its best to facilitate the population more, feasibility of timings is provided by SMS Sports Academy which arranges tournaments both at day and night.

Its recent events include a night tournament named as Iqbal Day T-20 where 16 teams participated and the winner was decided on knock-out basis.

Its upcoming programmes include the  First Quaid-e-Azam Super Cup. This is the first tournament being held at Eid Gah that revives the Nazimabad Super Cup where Sikander Bakht, Zaheer Abbas, Muhammed Saqib and Qasim Umer have played.

SMS Sports Academy believes that children must not be made deprived of sports training due to affordability concerns. This is why SMS Sports Academy is currently training a group of children, encouraging them to actively participate in sports and in exchange seeks nothing but that they step back from unhealthy activities. This makes SMS Sports Academy fulfill its duty of being socially responsible.

SMS Sports Academy is on its road to eradicate children’s engagement inn unproductive activities by promoting their involvement in sports. SMS Sports Academy pledges to continue to serve better and better as it has been doing because for it sky is never the end.