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Type of Events


Concerts are usually public events, and as such, they present a whole different level of challenges in planning and preparation. There are fundamental questions which guide the planning process and help assure an enjoyable event.

Concerts may be hosted by the artist as a promotional or fund-raising effort. Or they may be promoted as a profit venture, or may be a joint effort by the artist and venue (such as a gospel sing at a church). They may even be semi-public, such as a school band concert.

Choosing an appropriate location is key to a concert’s success. How large an audience is expected? How much seating and parking will be required? For an outdoor concert, what weather contingencies do you need to plan for? What are acoustic, power, and setup requirements? What is the cost of the venue, and what is included in that fee?

The audience profile or genre may suggest additional special needs: that gospel concert may benefit from special assistants to help elderly or disabled attendees; the heavy metal group may require additional security personnel or a liaison with local law enforcement.

The event budget will require attention to detail. Funding may come from an initial capital investment supplemented by ticket sales, sponsor fees, merchandise sales, refreshment sales, or donations. Facility rentals, permits, and insurance are common expenses to expect. Promotional expenses include public relations, advertising (TV, radio, Internet, and print) and may include printing costs for tickets and programs. Besides being paid for the performance, musicians may expect transportation and lodging be paid, or a guarantee that expenses will be met. Performers may further expect a staging area with cold drinks and refreshments, and a dressing area to prepare for the show.

While most musicians provide their own audio equipment, you can help prepare for technical difficulties by providing non-local musicians with directions to local music stores and electronics retailers in their information packet.

If the concert is being held as a fund-raiser, be sure to take advantage of free publicity options before, during, and after the event. A concert is a complex event requiring coordinated timing and attention to detail. A professional event planner can help assure the concert’s success.