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Type of Events


Graduation is a time for recognizing achievement and making a smooth transition to the future. The graduation celebration provides that recognition in a fun, festive manner. A graduation celebration may be held in the student’s home or in a public venue. Each has its own unique advantages and disadvantages. The home is convenient, doesn’t charge a facility rental fee, and is more intimate and personal. On the other hand, parking is almost always inadequate for more than a handful of guests. The public venue may include restrictions (no alcohol, we cater all food), but will probably be more accessible to disabled relatives. Costs for a public venue may range from as little as $25 for a community center to several hundred dollars for a hotel convention room.

The majority of attendees are relatives who have been sent formal invitations, but there may also be a number of friends of the graduate who were casually invited verbally. So you may wish to increase the amount of refreshments to allow for extra guests who didn’t RSVP.

The format of a graduation celebration is usually “open house” where guests come and go during the hours of the celebration. The celebration is usually held immediately after graduation or on the nearest Saturday afternoon. Guests often bring gifts, so a gift table is helpful to keep available seating and table surfaces uncluttered.

The décor for the graduation celebration is usually based upon the graduate’s school colors, and the standard refreshments are cake and punch. Graduation celebrations don’t usually have entertainment, although a photo display or computerized slideshow might be enjoyed, especially by more distant relatives who haven’t been around to see the student grow up.

While a graduation celebration is often one of the simpler events to plan, having the help of a professional event planner can assure the coordination of the many details before, during and after the party, leaving you free to enjoy visiting with your guests.