sms sports management


Type of Events


Sports events are differentiable in two basic types: spectator and participant events. There are many reasons to plan a spectator sports event. It may be an enjoyable break after a stressful period in business, a celebration for meeting some goal or milestone, or it may be a motivational tool to grant recognition for achievements such as reaching specific quotas or objectives.

Spectator events are often chosen to match a theme or objective the organization wants to promote. For example, a sales contest with a “race to success” theme may culminate in a trip to the Brickyard for contest winners.

Spectator events require advance planning to coordinate all the details. Tickets may need to be purchased well in advance. Transportation to the game could be an informal carpool, chartered bus or limousine, depending on the number attending, cost factors, and preferences.

Participant sporting events are a lot more difficult to coordinate. The first consideration is the event budget, and sources of funds. Will the event be wholly sponsored by one organization, or will you be looking for multiple sponsors to share costs? Will participants be charged an entry fee? What is the purpose of the event? A fundraising event will have free promotional options that can cut costs.

Other budget considerations include the following: What type of refreshments will be provided? Will sponsors be given some form of recognition, such as certificates, plaques, or a display ad “thank you” in the local newspaper? What recognition will be provided to winners? Trophies, medals, and certificates are common forms of recognition. Will you need to rent a location for your exclusive use such as a baseball field, or will your event fit in around the location’s regular business (golf or bowling).

How will you advertise the event? Will the participants come from the general public or is the event private within your organization? How will sponsors be solicited? Mailing thank you letters to sponsors and participants can help assure success in future events.

A professional event planner can attend to those details and help you to plan an event that will operate smoothly and provide a fun day for everyone.