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Type of Events


Of all the possible events you could be called upon to plan, the hospitality event could carry the greatest potential for advancement,or disaster. Hospitality events are usually planned to either bring in new business or cement existing business relationships with VIP clients. The project is high-visibility, and there is little tolerance for error.

During the initial planning stages, it is imperative to learn as much as possible about the guests. If there is a cultural gap between your organization and the guests, it is especially critical to be aware of, and respectful of, their beliefs.

During the planning stages, management is usually more than willing to advance enough funds in anticipation of new business. But that generosity can turn against the event planner with brutal force if the expected return doesn’t come about.

If guests are coming from out of town, you will need to arrange appropriate accommodations and transportation. Food and entertainment outside the event itself may also be a consideration.

The detailed requirements of the event will depend upon the event itself. Will it be held at the same hotel or convention complex where guests are staying? If not, you’ll need transportation to and from the event. If you are hosting the entire event, you need to plan all activities, materials, and programs. If you are taking the clients to a sporting or cultural event, you need to make sure you have a sufficient number of tickets, as well as any promotional souvenirs you intend to distribute.

Refreshments are another area you need to be careful in. Do your guests have dietary restrictions as part of their religious practices? Do any have special dietary needs based upon health conditions? Do you know their preferences (coffee or tea, Pepsi or Sprite?)

Be aware of both the overall goal of the event (bringing in new business, retaining old business) and underlying messages your company wants to convey (dynamic, cutting edge, and stable, secure, modern, and traditional) and make sure the style of the event reinforces both messages.

The hospitality event is one that can substantially benefit from a professional event planner helping to double-check details and create the best impression for your VIP guests.