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Type of Events


Musicals are a popular event theme. Whether it takes the form of a concert, a recital, a sing along, or a cabaret, a musical event is both entertaining and fun.

Like all events, a musical event takes a great deal of planning. When will the event be held? Make sure there are no schedule conflicts with other popular local events. Consider your audience and your objective. While doting parents will attend a recital on a Thursday evening, most events will see the best attendance on a Friday or Saturday evening. Some communities also host community Christmas sing-alongs on a Sunday afternoon in December.

Once the date has been set, musicians can be contacted. Some musicians are only available through a booking agency, while others handle their own bookings. You may need to arrange for transportation or accommodations for the musicians. While most musicians provide their own instruments and sound equipment, there may be exceptions. For example, you may need to have a piano available.

Will you be providing refreshments? An intermission serving punch and finger foods may add to the festivity. With a cabaret, food is a part of the event, and you need to plan accordingly.

How will the event be promoted? If the event is a fund-raiser, you may be able to obtain free publicity in local media. What forms will your advertising take? You can choose from posters, flyers, display ads, radio spots, TV ads, and even signage. Try to choose your media mix carefully to avoid incurring unnecessary expense while making sure your potential audience knows about the event.

Planning a musical event is a complex, detailed challenge. A professional event planner can help in planning an implementing your musical event so every aspect stays in perfect harmony.